Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Wednesday Grand Prize Winner!

On behalf of the Marywood University Library, I would like to congratulate Pamela Costello on winning the grand prize drawing for First Wednesday at the library. The prize can be claimed at the library front desk! The prize is a nice little mug filled and surrounded by various chocolates. We would like to thank you for attending the event today, and hope that you will come back in the future for more fun and the chance to win the grand prize again! Once again, congratulations!

First Wednesday Report

Hello everyone!

I come bearing news of a wonderful First Wednesday event held at the library today! A flurry of students poured in all day, enjoying free coffees with their food purchases, enjoying tasty fortune cookies (that were both delicious and motivational), looking over the great Chinese New Year display (right next to the cookies, so how could you miss it?), and taking part in the activities all day long.

I would now like to let you in on the report that Annette Fisher sent my way (she is the Information Literacy Coordinator at the library):
Study Abroad
The first event for our very first FWL was a discussion on Study Abroad with students who had studied abroad and the Director of the Marywood program, David Crisci. This discussion was spirited and lively because students told of their experiences in Italy, Brazil, and Chile. Several topics were covered including financial aid, how to implement your study abroad, culture, and education. David Crisci will soon be overseas recruiting students to our campus so talk to him soon if you want to know how to successfully launch your study abroad. An interesting tidbit from the discussion: one of the student speakers had never even traveled in an airplane. Imagine his excitement with his engagement with the land of his grandparents!

The next presentation, led by Madeline Levy-Cruz, highlighted the outreach of the Office of Diversity Efforts. Initiatives from the Office include: Diversity United and the International Club. This Office also works with the Office of International Affairs on campus. There are several endeavors that are in the works for the month of February including: Movies, the weekly Black History Quizzes, Library Displays, and a capstone feature on 2/24 highlighting a Fashion Show, Step Performers, and a performance by singer, Tara Watkins. The week of Feb. 20th will feature a Scavenger Hunt. The homepage of the Office of International Affairs is welcoming--check it out; there are many things to do with the this Office, so get involved.

Stories of foolishness and wisdom were presented in the Storytelling session. Annette Fisher, Information Literacy Coordinator and Storyteller, told the stories: "The Contest between Wisdom and Luck"(an old Yiddish tale with an ending that begs the question: so what would you choose in your life: wisdom or luck?) and an Irish tale about the laziest/most hardworking girl in all Ireland--(or was Eileen just in the right place at the right time?) Stay tuned for more storytelling as Annette presents other sessions during National Library Week. How convenient for this Storyteller that the actual theme for NLW is "Create your own story @ your library."

I sincerely hope that everyone had a great time! I'll be reporting the winner of our grand prize drawing shortly, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Database

It is my pleasure to announce the addition of a new database for use by all Marywood students, faculty, and staff. It is not yet on the database page (on the libray's website), but will be shortly. The database is called the "Catalog of Digital Historical Newspapers (NewspaperCat) and is available at:

From the authors:
"NewspaperCat is an online database providing links to over 1000 full-text digital newspapers in the United States and Caribbean. The project's current coverage, which began with the Southeastern United States, is growing rapidly and will soon cover all fifty states. The purpose of NewspaperCat is to improve access to historical newspapers digitized by libraries, archives, historical societies and other non-profit organizations that remain buried within search engine returns such as Google PageRank. These newspapers represent a rich source of primary research material for researchers, students, and the general public. The project to build NewspaperCat was funded by the George A. Smathers Libraries and developed with the cooperation of the Digital Library Center of the University of Florida."

Hopefully this new database will come in handy for everyone! Enjoy!

Marywood Library Facebook Page goes LIVE!

The Marywood Library Facebook Page is now LIVE! Invite your friends to the one stop place for all of the information about our library! The library blog will automatically import itself here, and all posts made here will go directly to our Twitter account. Let us know what you think should be added to this page or changed and we will be sure to get on it.

Facebook Page

Monday, February 7, 2011

First Wednesday Diversity Presentation

As per the previous post, I would like to add a little bit more information about the diversity presentation that will take place on Wednesday, from 12-1. This information comes directly from the diversity office!

"The Diversity Office will talk about the diversity clubs and projects at Marywood. We will also share our vision about the opportunities on campus."
Intern Madeline Levy-Cruz will present.

Location: LRC 319

Be sure to join us for the diversity presentation as well as all of the other fun activities slated for Wednesday! Hope to see you all there!

First Wednesday (February 9th, 2011)

As per the e-mail everyone received, the details of First Wednesday (well, second Wednesday this time around - not our fault, blame mother nature!) are now available. Here they are (slightly modified) from the e-mail everyone received. Soon to follow will be a post with a bit of extra detail regarding the diversity presentation!

Study Grounds is having a FWL special. They will be offering free small coffee with any purchase. Coupons will be available at the Library Front Desk on Feb 9.

We will also be celebrating the second week of the Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) with a special treat! So mark your calendars!

The new lineup is as follows:

11am to 12 noon First installment of our new Real World Series: Travel, Study and Learn Around the Globe: Everything You Wanted to Know about Our Study Abroad Program (location: LRC 319).

David Crisci, Assoc. Director of the Office of International Affairs will do the Real World series together with students who have had study abroad experiences

12 noon to 1pm Office of Diversity presents: Diversity United.(location LRC319)

Diversity United is a Marywood organization that encourages academic excellence and promotes cultural awareness among its members and the campus community at large. Hear more about this wonderful program by attending this presentation. More details will follow.

1pm to 2pm Storytelling Workshop with Annette Fisher (location LRC 319)

Stories have always been part of Annette Fisher's life. From hearing stories about her grandmother's "old country" to studying under Master Storyteller, Laura Simms, storytelling is a rich resource in Annette's life. Stories can be used in curriculum building, in healing ministry, and in robust politics; they surround us and transform us. Having a Masters in Library Science and a Masters in Public Administration is part of Annette's story. Each of us has a story. After all, there is always a yarn to weave, a tale to tell, and a story that just has to be told. Learn to weave your own story at this workshop!

2pm to 3pm The first presentation in the Marywood Faculty Discussion Series on The Politics of Art/The Art of Politics (location: comfy chair area by the Hot Spot sign on library main floor)

Sr. Mary Ann Zimmer, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, will present: ""Micro-Politics: Conversation, Metaphors, and Power." Lets think about and discuss how power is used in everyday life and in the metaphors we use to speak about academic work.

3pm to 4pm Learn Sign Language - the first of several workshop offerings on sign language (location: LRC 319)

The Library's very own Marcia Shaffer will lead this workshop. Marcia has a M.A. in Teaching from Marywood University, and has taught elementary levels K-12 where she tried to incorporate sign language whenever she could in her teaching.

4pm to 5pm Enjoy an hour of guitar and voice performance (location: area next to the Library Front Desk)

Charles Truitt, Assistant Professor of guitar and music theory in the Department of Music, Theater and Dance, will perform selected guitar solos, and will join with mezzo-soprano Carol Tome to perform the six Lute Songs by contemporary Czech composer Petr Eben. The duo will also perform a set of three Songs of the Tide by Australian composer Richard Charlton.

First Wed @ Library moved to Feb 9 due to snow

Stay tuned for program details on the new date!